Special Services


We believe that your clothes have a way of reflecting who you are, and we care that your clothes are laundered with professionalism to preserve the quality of your linens, and to best reflect who you are. We keep our guests and clients at rest, as they expect their clothes well-handled and cared for at our laundry facility. We apply the same level of commitment and attention in our laundry work for both our in-house guest and out-door clients.

Multi-Purpose Open Space

Our Multi-purpose Open Space serves both as a car park, and for adaptation, and can be customized for use for suitable outdoor events to accommodate large crowds.  Whether serving as a car park, or for an event, the same quality standards for operating TTP platforms apply in guaranteeing our clients the best support, and also within the Estate Rules, and in enabling our clients to fully achieve their objectives, and bringing them immense satisfaction and pleasure. 

Bus for Hire

We have a decent 14 persons carrier air conditioned Hiace bus for hire only to defined geographical areas of Lagos City.

Tuck Shop

For some basic necessities for daily living, and souvenirs, we have a Tuck Shop on site. We also have a Business Centre for support with typing, photocopying, and printing work.